YourWeb User Agreement

CSU, Chico’s YourWeb is a digital literacy training ground for faculty, staff, and students. It gives University community members a place to create their own personalized web spaces free from the constraints of the official campus web framework.

YourWeb is for current students, faculty, and staff only. Your account will be terminated upon separation from the University. You have the option to move your content to a fee-based Reclaim Hosting domain outside of YourWeb or to another location of your choice.

Although CSU, Chico is not responsible for site content, the University reserves the right to monitor YourWeb sites and disable any users in violation of the user agreement.

Appropriate Usage

Each user of CSU, Chico’s computer communications systems is responsible for the material that he or she chooses to send or display using the campus computing/communication resources. These guidelines are in support of and directly related to the existing Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology, Executive Memorandum-97-018 and Executive Memorandum 07-01 .

YourWeb is for personal and non-academic use—and as a laboratory environment for courses that require an online space. Course materials and student organization content should be hosted on Blackboard and OrgSync, respectively.

Be nice online!

YourWeb sites are public and may be located through web searches. They are also connected to you as an individual. Do not publish anything online that may harm or damage any person, including their reputation.
Harassment and threats of violence will be reported to law enforcement officials and/or Student Affairs.


Most books, journals, magazines, photographs, art, sound recordings, computer programs, and websites are protected by copyright law. In addition, architecture, motion pictures, and dance choreography can also be protected by the law. So when you use ideas, words, or phrases, images, or sounds from another source, be sure to seek out the copyright holder and obtain permission before you include that work in your social media copy.

For more details, refer to the Use of Copyrighted Materials page on the Meriam Library website.


Do not use “someone else’s work, including words, ideas, projects and/or any other material without citing the source.” (Policy on Academic Integrity and the Establishment of the Academic Integrity Council; Revised Executive Memorandum 04-036)

Photo Use Policy

See also “Photo Policy” in CSU, Chico’s University Publication Guide
Posting photos on your social media sites is an effective way to generate engagement, but it’s important to follow a these simple guidelines:

  1. Never use a photo from another source without permission from the copyright holder of that photo.
  2. If you’re shooting photos in a public space, such as outside a building on campus, you do not need to secure permission from people you photograph. But, if you shoot photos inside a building or at a non-public event, we recommend that you get written permission from everyone in your photos.
  3. If you photograph minors, you need permission from their guardians or parents. You can print the standard CSU image release forms from the Web in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF).


Do not publish Level 1 data on YourWeb sites. Level 1 data is confidential and includes passwords and PINs, credit card numbers and other financial information, health records, and law enforcement records.

Adhere to Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. FERPA is designed to protect the privacy of students and prohibits universities from sharing students’ confidential data without the consent of the student. Some examples of data considered confidential under FERPA are grades, student id numbers, and dates of birth.

Check links, embeds, web applications, and other outside content carefully.

Do not impersonate third parties, including CSU, Chico or other universities, businesses, organizations, or individuals.


YourWeb sites intended for public access or in support of teaching and learning must be accessible to all audiences. To learn more about how to develop accessible websites, see the Accessibility section of the University Communicators Guide.

System Information

YourWeb programs including WordPress are updated regularly by the administrators for security reasons. You will not be able to bypass updates.
CSU, Chico limits the amount of space for each domain. You will be contacted if your space usage is too high for the University to support.

CSU, Chico is not responsible for problems associated with installed applications. Support is provided by the vendors providing each service.