Digital Identity

Built and grow your online presence. Create own online home to shape your digital presence the way you want it and how others engage with your work.

Web Awareness

Gain an understanding of the tools that make the world wide web (www) so that you can create Your Web.

Take Ownership

Instead of relying on web publishing companies to manage your data and online work. Learn to take ownership and control with web hosting.

For Students

Built a professional online presence and learn how to take ownership of your content.

  • Learn how to create your own website
  • Get free website hosting
  • Explore and construct your digital identity
  • Own and take control of your data and intellectual property
  • Upon completing your studies, take your content with you

For Educators

Create and host learning resources on the open web. Build participative learning into your teaching to help students build their digital fluency and authentic communication skills.

  • Expand your web literacy
  • Showcase your intellectual property
  • Many supportive resources can be found online to get started

Mohit Athwani and other students study for finals on the fourth floor of Meriam Library